bike black portrait.jpg

Electric Bike Project

Within weeks of learning how to weld, I designed my own bicycle which was then converted into an electric bike. Through the processes of drafting, bending and welding the frame, I made my designs come to life. After completion of the project, this served as my primary mode of transportation for serval months of the year. 


This bike was designed after working with metal for the first time. While metal is such a rigid material, I learned how delicate a processes like welding can be. The curves throughout the bike match from not only from the side but from the rider's perspectives as well. 


The hub motor and battery were also put on the bike.

  • 25 mph Top Speed
  • 13 Miles Range
  • 750 watt Hub Motor
  • 48 volt Lithium-ion Battery

The fork was taken from a donor bike and the steel frame was made from gas line.