Stuffed Fish

Open-source stuffed animal Animator


This salmon is an example from an open source project site where people individuals can source instructions on how to animate their stuffed animals. Targeted towards children, this toy gives an additional personality to the standard stuffed animal through its varying light patterns and moving parts. The soothing light tone has the ability to calm children while the subtle movement of the fish maintains a slow rhythm. This is just one of the several animal shapes I plan to create. I would like to see how people build upon this project using the open source information. While it is likely to be difficult for children to perform this retrofit, clear instructions will walk people through the fabrication process.


Building the Circuit

What was required:

  • Arduino LilyPad + the code

  • Breadboard

  • Button

  • Various Resistors

  • LED

  • Servo Motor

  • Alligator Clips and Jumper Cables


Convert it into E-Textile Materials

What was required:

  • Conductive copper thread + Needle

  • Flattened and LEDs and resistors

  • Thick Felt

  • Metal Wire (important connections)

  • Fishing Line

Once the circuit is complete using wires, it was time to build it again, using copper thread as. In order to streamline the process, it is best to prep all the materials before you begin, this means placing all the LEDs and planning a path for the electric wire,


Enjoy the show

Writing the code using C++ I created a number of different light shows that change with the click of a button. Incorporating a servo motor into the thick felt body, I connected it to the tail allowing the final setting to include a moving tail feature.

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 2.06.26 PM.png